Alex Miller Studio creates works of art characterized by sinuous forms and allusive imagery. Each work has evolved from one artist’s dream into a finely crafted working product for the luxury bathroom.

Aurora faucet inspiration


Through the river above
strikes the goddess of dawn
past rising ocean mist and awaking dreams
over drifting rock with trembling streams.

At her first light it is known
throughout our skin and when we breathe,
if the river sweeps the heavens,
or if it sinks into the stage
down to valleys and brilliant blossom,
or to claim and capture and save.

Streets that cover ancient fountains
whisper the river’s bending course:
that stone once surrendered to our dreams,
where we let drama find daylight
now we funnel into machines.

Yet still, at her morning return
we rise and we bend in daily ritual
to greet the river,
extend out our hands,
and feel the once great ocean wave,
once glacier spire,
once bubbling spring,
become alive again.

Sky faucet inspiration


Reflecting the sky
like water,
like once rising sheets of ice
molding into one,
by the hand of God,
they would
just start
to slip

Artist Alex Miller


Alex Miller is an artist and a licensed architect. He hand sculpts every original design that Alex Miller Studio produces.

Growing up in coastal California, it was not hard for me to imagine a built paradise that harmonized with that found while free diving with sea life and hiking through hidden canyons. It was clear from these early experiences that the physical world we create can be much more, not just a representation of how we see the world, but a way to show others how we can see the world. If I have even a glimpse of paradise, I feel obligated to show it to others.
– AM

I didn’t want to make faucets that look like pipes… When I use the faucet I don’t want to be reminded of mind-boggling rusting infrastructures that bring us water. When I use the faucet I want instead to imagine that the water is coming directly from the heavens. I had wondered if that type of experience was possible. So I set off to make faucets that are born from the sky, born from the ocean, formed out of the mist, carved out of the ice.
– AM