“I chose as an artist to make beauty real in timeless physical form, so that magnificent dreams can be seen and not just imagined.”

The Studio

Alex Miller Studio creates original designs through an organic process of experimentation with hand made sculpture. Each design evolves in this way from one artist’s dream into a functional product that has both a unique identity and a signature style.


Alex Miller began his career as an architect, receiving a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University and license to practice architecture in California. In between architectural projects Alex began experimenting, starting with the making of free-form furniture made from recycled paper pulp and with the building of sculptural garden installations with stone and mosaics. In 2013 he began making prototypes by hand for nature-inspired faucet designs. Eventually the unique Aurora and Sky faucet designs were manufactured and entered select luxury showrooms under the new brand By The Sea. For Alex nothing has had more influence in his work than the dreams that emerge from exploring the Southern California coast where he grew up – a place where the waves shape and smooth the rock and sand. In his work Alex embraces creating as an architect, a designer, and an artist, blurring these roles in deference to the inspirational idea, the dream, and to following that dream wherever it takes him.